Ellusionist Bicycle Black Tiger Deck Spielkarten, rote Zeichen


The first run of these special edition Tiger decks completely sold out within 96 hours. Now is your chance to get your claws on the second run with even more special edition features, including the highest quality card made by the US Playing Card Company. Let it claw its way into your card handling. Everything about the deck screams HIGH-IMPACT. The visual impact of the cards is startling. Voodoo, witchcraft, burned and blackened cards… mere concepts come alive with reverse image cards. Own a beautiful deck that no one else has; Your card magic takes on stunning visual impact; Manipulation artists will perform exceptionally with the cards; Use the cards as your regular, everyday performing deck; Devise colour changes and back changes never before possible.Poker size playing cards with an air cushioned finish, this deck is ideal for card collectors, magicians and enthusiasts alike.


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